Re: PC Mag article

> Hello,
>> Just to further illustrate the point. I'd like to develop for beagle and
>> dashboard but my distro, Fedora-3 is not supported by mono. The Fedora-2
>> mono packages cause weird crashes.
> Fedora 3 is supported by Mono, we just do not make packages for it.
> The reason for the lack of packages is that we are using the Ximian
> build system to produce packages for multiple distributions, and so far
> nobody inside Ximian has setup the configuration files nor the "jail"
> necessary for build buddy to produce Fedora Core 3 packages.
> We just do not have the resources to package for distributions that do
> not have build-buddy support at this point (the same applies to Solaris:
> we support it, we just can not offer packages, as it is too much work on
> my team).

Hi Miguel,
           Thanks for the information. A very little googling found:

As a source of mono rpms for fedora-3. Maybe your website could provide a
link to this?

It would help people like me and would no doubt give the author a bit of
encouragement to keep up the effort.



> You can build Mono from sources, or you can alternatively use the .spec
> files that we publish (I dont know the url, but Duncan has posted it a
> few times) so you can build your own packages on your distro.
> Miguel.

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