Re: PC Mag article


> Just to further illustrate the point. I'd like to develop for beagle and
> dashboard but my distro, Fedora-3 is not supported by mono. The Fedora-2
> mono packages cause weird crashes.

Fedora 3 is supported by Mono, we just do not make packages for it.

The reason for the lack of packages is that we are using the Ximian
build system to produce packages for multiple distributions, and so far
nobody inside Ximian has setup the configuration files nor the "jail"
necessary for build buddy to produce Fedora Core 3 packages.

We just do not have the resources to package for distributions that do
not have build-buddy support at this point (the same applies to Solaris:
we support it, we just can not offer packages, as it is too much work on
my team).

You can build Mono from sources, or you can alternatively use the .spec
files that we publish (I dont know the url, but Duncan has posted it a
few times) so you can build your own packages on your distro.


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