Re: PC Mag article


> >> Just to further illustrate the point. I'd like to develop for beagle and
> >> dashboard but my distro, Fedora-3 is not supported by mono. The Fedora-2
> >> mono packages cause weird crashes.
> >
> >
> > What problems do you have with the fc2 rpms? Although I'd like to see
> > fc3 rpms, the current ones appear to work perfectly for me.
> >
> dashboard presents me with a blank screen then crashes after a few
> notifications. I think it's an issue with gtkhtml-3.

That is typically just a mapping issue of what "libgtkhtml" means.
libgtkhtml sadly is kind of an Evolution-internal library, so they never
followed the standard API stability/versioning conventions.

To fix this, just edit the .config file that is next to the
gtkhtml-sharp.dll in your file system, and make sure that it points to
the right file on your system.


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