Re: PC Mag article

> First off, thanks for sending this to the list!  I didn't catch this
> article.
> The part of the article that stuck out to me was:
> "I have not been able to get the current version to run--more dependency
> hell"
> While it would be foolish to throw away features just because they
> involve a dependency I think we may be loosing valuable user testing
> because of the dependencys.  I think we can make installing Beagle
> easier by simply supplying releases.  Once a release is made it will
> get updated in the various distro's package managers and then onto
> people's machines.  So here's a run through of our required
> dependency's.
> Gecko-sharp:  version 0.5 works but 0.6 is needed for Best's links to
> work.  There is no 0.6 tarball.
> Evo-sharp:  We require 0.6.  Latest tarball is 0.4.
> GMime:  I believe we need the GNOME CVS version.  No tarball's for
> this on GNOME ftp.
> D-BUS:  fd.o servers seem to be coming back on line.  Last release is
> from August.  We require CVS.
> mono:  1.X branch works and is packaged.  Just need to make sure
> sqlite stuff is installed.
> gtk-sharp: 1.X branch works and is packaged.
> inotify:  in gentoo's source tree, suse/nld users have red-carpet.
> debian/ubuntu has packages.  Fedora has packages.  This is a major
> dependency but we seem to be fine here.  Thanks everyone who made
> packages.
> There are several optional dependency's.  But the dependency's listed
> above are what people need to compile Beagle.  Essentially it works
> like this, we need releases so they can be packaged.  A good example
> is with rml's inotify patch's.  Because of the frequent updates and
> patch releases, new kernels packages are made.  Can we get this done
> with other dependency's?

Just to further illustrate the point. I'd like to develop for beagle and
dashboard but my distro, Fedora-3 is not supported by mono. The Fedora-2
mono packages cause weird crashes.

I hope to make an abiword filter for beagle eventually.



> Sorry for the rant,
> -- Joe Gasiorek
> On Thu, 23 Dec 2004 21:22:24 +0100, Raphaël Slinckx <raf raf wol be>
> wrote:
>> Hi folks !
>> Maybe you already know that, but just in case, the PC Mag has an article
>> about gnome and beagle..
>> See you !
>> Raf
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