Re: PC Mag article

First off, thanks for sending this to the list!  I didn't catch this article.

The part of the article that stuck out to me was:
"I have not been able to get the current version to run--more dependency hell"

While it would be foolish to throw away features just because they
involve a dependency I think we may be loosing valuable user testing
because of the dependencys.  I think we can make installing Beagle
easier by simply supplying releases.  Once a release is made it will
get updated in the various distro's package managers and then onto
people's machines.  So here's a run through of our required

Gecko-sharp:  version 0.5 works but 0.6 is needed for Best's links to
work.  There is no 0.6 tarball.

Evo-sharp:  We require 0.6.  Latest tarball is 0.4.

GMime:  I believe we need the GNOME CVS version.  No tarball's for
this on GNOME ftp.

D-BUS:  fd.o servers seem to be coming back on line.  Last release is
from August.  We require CVS.

mono:  1.X branch works and is packaged.  Just need to make sure
sqlite stuff is installed.

gtk-sharp: 1.X branch works and is packaged.

inotify:  in gentoo's source tree, suse/nld users have red-carpet. 
debian/ubuntu has packages.  Fedora has packages.  This is a major
dependency but we seem to be fine here.  Thanks everyone who made

There are several optional dependency's.  But the dependency's listed
above are what people need to compile Beagle.  Essentially it works
like this, we need releases so they can be packaged.  A good example
is with rml's inotify patch's.  Because of the frequent updates and
patch releases, new kernels packages are made.  Can we get this done
with other dependency's?

Sorry for the rant,
-- Joe Gasiorek

On Thu, 23 Dec 2004 21:22:24 +0100, Raphaël Slinckx <raf raf wol be> wrote:
> Hi folks !
> Maybe you already know that, but just in case, the PC Mag has an article
> about gnome and beagle..
> See you !
> Raf
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