Re: GSoC project - Synchronization with Mobile Devices


Dne Fri, 8 May 2009 08:12:25 +1200
John Stowers <john stowers gmail com> napsal(a):

> * There is code for getting contact and calendar data from phones using
> Gammu. It was always quite messy to know if a given phone supports notes,
> contact, calendar, todo, or all of the above. You will need to discover some
> way to find this about each connected phone.

Just getting number of entries for each should be enough (either it
will fail as not supported or it will work).

> * It was also hard to know ahead of time, what fields in a contact/calendar
> that a given phone supports. Name/Email/Phone number, more, less?. I think
> that for each phone, a test contact will need to be stored, and read back,
> in order to know the level of support. 

This is probably the only reliable way. Maybe for some phones there
might be better way to find out, I also considered this thing for
Wammu, but never got to this.

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