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I should probably also introduce myself - I'm mentor of Peter and
author of Gammu and Wammu.

Dne Thu, 07 May 2009 16:57:40 -0600
Matthew Vavrek <mattvavrek hotmail com> napsal(a):

> A few things I had wanted to do (but wasn't going to get around to soon
> anyhow) is automatic phone detection. To configure the plugin, I wanted
> to add a 'Phone Wizard' style button, so the Conduit would search for
> any phones in range (bluetooth, cable) and list them, and allow you to
> select the one you wanted, much like in Wammu right now. The easiest by
> far would just be taking the module in Wammu and
> converting it to use GTK+ rather than wxpython.

Please do not do this. Many parts of the wizard are really broken and
it should be written again from scratch (and it should be part of
Peters project).

> A other few problems I ran into that I hadn't fully solved yet were:
> -keeping phone connected during conflict resolution
> -needing to convert between VCard2.1 and VCard3.0; I wrote a small
> converter for it, as Gammu returns VCard2.1 format, and Conduit uses
> vobject (which uses VCard3.0)for its contacts, and they don't really
> read each others formats properly.

I think adding vCard 3.0 to Gammu would be cheaper. I will investigate
the differences.

> -Gammu doesn't provide time modified for a file, so I wasn't sure how to
> properly implement 2 way sync other than always raise a conflict.

Well, most phones do not expose this information, but it could be
provided at least for some.

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