Re: GSoC project - Synchronization with Mobile Devices

I had (independently) done some stuff with a phone module for Conduit. By no means am I the go to guy for this, but I thought I'd put in my 2 cents as well. I had posted what I had done to this point with Gammu and Conduit here:

A few things I had wanted to do (but wasn't going to get around to soon
anyhow) is automatic phone detection. To configure the plugin, I wanted
to add a 'Phone Wizard' style button, so the Conduit would search for
any phones in range (bluetooth, cable) and list them, and allow you to
select the one you wanted, much like in Wammu right now. The easiest by
far would just be taking the module in Wammu and
converting it to use GTK+ rather than wxpython.

A other few problems I ran into that I hadn't fully solved yet were:
-keeping phone connected during conflict resolution
-needing to convert between VCard2.1 and VCard3.0; I wrote a small
converter for it, as Gammu returns VCard2.1 format, and Conduit uses
vobject (which uses VCard3.0)for its contacts, and they don't really
read each others formats properly.
-Gammu doesn't provide time modified for a file, so I wasn't sure how to
properly implement 2 way sync other than always raise a conflict.

I had started playing around with iCalendar files as well, and I can add
events at this point on to my phone, but it's pretty raw.

If I think of anything else, I'll post it here, and I'll try to add some
more comments to the module about things I noticed.

It's great to hear that someone will actually be spending some time on
this. I think with a summer a lot could be done.


Peter Somlo wrote:
Hello everyone,

first of all, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Peter Somlo,
I'm a computer science student at Czech Technical University in
Prague. For the upcoming summer I have decided to apply for a Google
Summer of Code, fortunately my project proposal has been accepted, so
I'm getting ready to do my best :).

A significant part of my project will be connected with the lovely
software you are developing, therefore I'd like to kindly ask you to
comment upon my proposal published on my blog (don't be confused by
the word “blog”, it's just a single article for now). I know, that
there has been a lot of work on the plugins I've mentioned in the
proposal and I'm not 100% familiar with their current state, so some
information might be inaccurate. From the plugins, I would like to
focus on the support of Gammu, as my mentor in the GSoC is a developer
of it.

For now I'm trying to gain better insight into the whole
Linux-Mobile-Synchronization world. I'm planing to start coding in the
beginning of June, by that time, I would like to iterate to a more
exact plan about what has to/can be done, and I'd appreciate your
advices also on the parts not directly related to Conduit. Right now,
I'm preparing for my exams, so I don't have much spare time, but I'll
definitely join you on IRC :)


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