Re: Starting Some Documentation Tonight

On Feb 14, 2008 4:57 PM, Brent Gueth <creeva gmail com> wrote:
> I've gotten the following done so far - I unfortunately don't have
> more time tonight.   Friday or saturday I should be able to get a bit
> further into it.   Please correct me on anything I have gotten wrong
> so far.   I was doing this in open office so some of the initial
> formatting is done - just copying and pasting to plain text will take
> some more time then the few minutes I have left tonight.
> I'll be on e-mail during the day tomorrow  but tomorrow night I'll be
> unavailable.   I wish all of you a happy valentines day.

Thanks a lot. This is awesome!

I have taken the liberty to put the docs online at

That way we can make quick fixes to them without getting lost in too
many emails. I made a few small changes, and some english corrections,
but so far it looks great. I cant thank you enough.

So, who else here wants to help contribute docs?


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