Starting Some Documentation Tonight

While going through last night and playing with settings I have
managed to figure some things out - also discovering issues that
should be documented for users (picasa only allows 500 pictures per
album so if your remote sync has more your SOL it will just hang).
The thing that I sat round and round trying to figure out - what do
you do with the Gmail sync point - I attempted to backup all my emails
to a folder - I get gmail not configured correctly - I kept getting
this no matter what situation I tried to use it.  What is the function
and how is the gmail sync point meant to be used.

Next question - resizing.   If you are doing a two way sync and have
resizing enabled - are all pictures going to be resized regardless of
direction?  If not is this resizing for sending or receiving data?  If
so can we get it so it only resizes one way?

Youtube  Syncing - I'm at a loss it doesn't seem to want to download
my youtube video  - the only logical solution I can come up with that
a third party dependent transcoder is not available.

Logging - Well can I say someone at some point needs to put in an
event log into the preferences of the GUI to give someone a shot at
figuring out why something failed?  Something like an "event log" that
can track every file read/write/transform/transcode/sync point open

Finally since I don't have conduit in front me - the last pain of the
preferences windows that shows objects and their mappings between
services - if you clear this does it reset the sync to start over (I
didn't get that feeling from my testing just for clarification in the

I know this is a lot and you can keep the answers as short as
possible- I'm intelligent and suitably geeky enough - just not a
programmer so throwing code at me won't likely help.   Once I
understand more of these things I can write something coherent that a
normal user can understand.

A couple bugs I found

1. It would seem that if you setup a group to sync one direction and
then setup another group with the same sync points in the opposite
direction it doesn't map the sync objects properly and resends the
data that's already there.  Ironically if you delete a sync point and
recreate it though it "remembers" - not sure why it treats it

2.  I mentioned in a previous email that there should be a validation
when a sync point doesn't work together (rss and calender in my case)
there should be a way that either disallows setting this up or informs
you other then a sync error.  I don't remember what group I set up - I
think it was backpack and evolution notes or memos - but it showed up
with a red arrow instead of the yellow arrow.   This informed me that
it wasn't going to work from the get go.  What vaildation is behind
this and can we get it uniformly - somewhere in the plugin that states
that It supports type A, B, C outbound and A,B,D inbound.  If it
doesn't fall within these parameters a red arrow will be displayed.

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