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On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 9:48 PM, olivier dufour <olivier duff gmail com> wrote:
> Ok,
> best to found idea is ask to my wife ;)))
> So here the new idea.
> In fact, the view get more cloth to moovida or itune but with a treeview on
> bottom panel.
> a big pannel with cover on top. Cover is for movie/ tv show. A more info
> button link to webbrowser view about the video wit summary, actors, producer
> ...
> And on bottom the 2cd panel with episodes.
> Episodes are organised in a treeview. the season is parent and episode son.
> The treeview is not a basic treeview. We have a button to get more info on
> each row we have column to have title, duration, episode, file name.
> advantage:

> I keep the idea of filter as a playlist to cut movies from tv/show.

In my mockup they are already separate (look in the sidebar).

> Not have to get in/out of tv/show all is under eyes. When seeing a list of
> episode we can switch to another tv show without get out of current view.
> more consistency with music/album view
> for tv show with a lot of season we can hide season with treeview
> When we watch the 235e episode we do need to have summary. So put it as an
> option and focus on navigation.
> The more info will be a panel which come from right and we can hide it by
> clicking on the vertical bar of the frame.
> We can imagine to store the last viewed episode of tvshow to open the good
> season next time ;)
> Now, have to do a mockup to explain but as you see, I am pretty bad to this
> exercise...
> cheer,
> Olivier Dufour

For quick mockups you might try:

That's what I used.

Here are my newest mockups:


The first one shows all the seasons and episodes without hiding them
The second one collapses them.

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