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First, happy new year to all and sucess for banshee ;))
I have got hard time to fall asleep so I am wake up this morning and everybody sleep in the house.

So, I have start to refactor video source.
First by embedded it in an extension.

Now I have setup regexp to get season and episode of the video from file name.
I store it in externalObject of trackinfo.

But now, I want to have a custom SourceContent which will show movies/tvshow covers to replace the track list....
But before going further, I want to know if my mokup idea is good...

We will have a grid as in podcast or album view with cover or name of the movies/tv-show.

For tv-show, we only show one cover and if user click on the cover we show a context pannel with the list of episodes in this tv-show.
I have no filter for season, do you need it? else have to add a dropdown list or do you prefer a panel as the one of artist ? 

The second issue, is to get cover, I have few api on web but nothing so good...
- IMDB limited to 30 requests by hour a light api with no covers but text metadata and url of page on imdb
- freecovers have covers but no metadata
- thetvdb seems good for tv show with metadata and image but it is not cover, it is a banner... and of course not for movies ;( 
someone know another db?

Show informations (actors, summary,...) about the movies : 
- in context pan when selected
- with a getinfo item in context menu and show in popup window

I prefer the second option because it will make naviguation easy by keeping a big place for grid.

For dvd source, I think to show the page of imdb of the movies to replace the single lined track list.
But, what can we do if no connection, or custom dvd witch is not on imdb ?

I really want to make banshee a cool video player. So I need feedback answer about my concept/idea.

Olivier Dufour

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