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@ Samuel

If you seek often, (like I do with audio books news podcasts) then you know that the small slider is a pain because a small distance on the slider is many minutes of play time.  What that means is one can never get to the exact time one wants to be at on such a small slider.  Yes, you can manually expand the slider, but then all the track information at the top is completely unreadable.  With that in mind, having to make slightly larger motion with the mouse seems to be a non issue in my opinion.  I for one am more than happy to make a slightly larger motion with the mouse if it means that I can easily get to the exact play-time I'm looking for.

On Mon, Dec 13, 2010 at 3:07 PM, Matt Sturgeon <mttza1 gmail com> wrote:
I think the point of the mockups is to create a better user feel/ux by
a) adding a few extra pixels to the browser/main-section vertically
(removing the status bar), b) moving the controls to one toolbar and c)
making room for a wider seek slider and following a design more
intuitive for new users from both Mac and Windows. see attached

On Mon, 2010-12-13 at 21:47 +0100, Bertrand Lorentz wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 13, 2010 at 8:55 PM, Matt Sturgeon <mttza1 gmail com> wrote:
> > Ok, sorry - the emails still arnt going through - im going to host a
> > page on my website. The page is located here:
> >
> Thanks, I was just going to suggest you to do just that ;)
> And thanks also for all those mockups !
> I would be interested in hearing more about the UI/UX problem(s)
> you're trying to solve here, and about the improvements those changes
> bring to the user.
> If one of those is about having a wider seek slider, I'd like to hear
> why you feel this is necessary.
> With the current layout (1.9.0 and above), a slider that is about 250
> pixels wide fits comfortably on my 1280px wide screen. And that gives
> you about 1 pixel per second for your average 4 minutes song. And
> anyway, I rarely rewind or skip forward, and if I do, it's more like
> "let's go back near the start" or "let's skip the slow start of that
> song and go somewhere in the middle".
> For the other, less frequent, use cases, like precision seeking in an
> hour long podcast, I think those should be handled through the "Seek
> to" dialog or bookmarks, maybe with additional refinements to these
> features.
> (Yes, the "Seek to" dialog was a bit broken in 1.9.0, it's fixed in git master).

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