[Banshee-List] Mockup for Banshee 2.0 toolbar.


I today spent a considerable part of the night creating this mockup of how i think the banshee toolbar should look. You should find it both attached and embedded as html.

I also included my GIMP xcf file (fully layered, with intuitive layer-names) if anyone wants to have a play around.

MOST of the fundamental changes should be simple and at widget-toolkit level, however the overlapping progress-slider-drag-button (which id like to only be shown when the progress-bar is hovered over) may be more difficult to implement. If anything is too difficult to implement by 2.0, or goes against the vision of banshee's future, please email me and well discuss it :)

* Moved the Repeat mode chooser to the main toolbar, thus removing the need for a status bar, and saving space.
* Moved the progress tool to the bottom-edge of the toolbar, the drag-button should be a kinda 'autohide', only appearing when the mouse hovers over the progress-bar.
* the timestamp/progress-clock is moved to a position under the playback controls, since the progress-bar is no longer in the main section of the toolbar, this is more intuitive, and a better option than placing it inline, or deprecating it.
* Since the statusbar is removed, the main section of the window has around 30/40 pixals more space, for the sake of moving one button (plus any extention buttons) to the toolbar.
* To prevent bugs caused by the missing statusbar, items that would otherwize be drawn there should be drawn on the right of the toolbar. (the same place the Simplify, or Visualizations buttons appear).

Original screenshot taken on Ubuntu Desktop 11.04 Alpha 1, with banshee 1.9.0.

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