Re: [Banshee-List] Banshee-by-default in Ubuntu talk - happening now

rickstone wrote:
> If filing a bug report were simpler, I might, but frankly, I don't have a
> great desire to sign up for ANOTHER account to keep track of somewhere.  Not
> trying to be flip (seriously :-)), just mentioning my own experience and
> likely that of others.

That's a bug as well. You can CC yourself to:

As you see, every user request, as simple and/or obvious it might be,
has to be translated to a bug. It's just the open source mechanism. In
Banshee for instance, you cannot commit anything if it doesn't have a
bug number attached to it.

So you want to get involved in the workflow? You have to follow the
rules. (And the workaround to the bug above is very simple, just spend
another 3 minutes in creating a BGO account.)




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