Re: [Banshee-List] Banshee-by-default in Ubuntu talk - happening now

I'm currently using 1.4.3 on Ubuntu Jaunty and I have not been able to get
artwork to copy to the G1, and while I can copy the song files referred to
in a playlist, the playlist itself is not created on the G1.  I've mentioned
this here and on the Ubuntu forums more than once and have not received an
answer other than "file a bug" or others agreeing that they are also having
these problems.  

If filing a bug report were simpler, I might, but frankly, I don't have a
great desire to sign up for ANOTHER account to keep track of somewhere.  Not
trying to be flip (seriously :-)), just mentioning my own experience and
likely that of others.

Thanks for your work on the G1 integration and I hope that these issues can
be cleared up, as I would LOVE to be able to transfer music to my G1 more


Aaron Bockover wrote:
> Yeah, so I wrote the G1 support because I bought a G1. I use it every
> day. It works well.
> Hardware support on the whole is not yet implemented in OS X. When the
> base hardware abstraction is implemented, the G1 will "just work" on OS
> X. It's just a mass storage device.
> I hope you try 1.5.0 when it comes out in the next day or so, or the
> 1.4.4 stable release, also slated for release this week. Or just try git
> master. Oh, and file some bugs.
> --Aaron
> On Tue, 2009-05-26 at 13:49 -0700, tretle wrote:
>> Go ask Moch the lead developer behind rythmbox, what ratio of bugs get
>> attention from forums and mailing lists as aposed to bugzilla and I think
>> you will get a shock.
>> Reporting bugs is not unique to banshee, everyone has to do it.
>> Especially with open source software, people are talking time out of
>> their
>> own lives to develop open software for us to use and they do not have the
>> time to look for bugs from multiple different outlets.
>> With regards to G1 support, I dont have one yet as they dont sell any
>> android phones in Ireland atm :( But I have seen either gabaug or
>> abock(cant
>> remember) warn people that g1 support was not working on all builds. From
>> what I can remember they said it was not working on the osx build.
>> If it does not work atm I would assume it was down to a firmware update
>> on
>> the g1.
>> Now for the subject at hand, I really do hope banshee becomes the
>> deafault,
>> Is there anyone from the banshee team representing it at UDS? 
>> As for possible regressions, upnp support, magnatne/jamendo store's. I
>> would
>> assume that the vis work will definately be ready in time so that wont be
>> on
>> the list.
>> rickstone wrote:
>> > 
>> > Well, I don't agree, but fair enough.  We can have differing opinions
>> on
>> > this subject, though I have yet to see a single response that actually
>> > speaks to the three points that I made in my original post.  Three
>> major
>> > advertised functions are broken.  This alone is enough for me to voice
>> my
>> > opinion that Banshee isn't yet ready to be the default player in
>> Ubuntu.
>> > 
>> > I have never once in 5 years of using different Linux distros ever been
>> > told to file a bug rather than being offering some assistance on a
>> forum
>> > or mailing list.  I have always thought that this was part of the point
>> of
>> > forums and mailing lists.  
>> > 
>> > You may have filed a bug, which is great if that's how you want to
>> spend
>> > your time, but you haven't yet offered any positive info, only smarmy
>> > retorts.
>> > 
>> > 
>> > Patryk Zawadzki wrote:
>> >> 
>> >> On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 10:10 PM, rickstone <rhadenstone gmail com>
>> >> wrote:
>> >>> I'm sorry if some people think that the truth (and the request for
>> >>> intelligent input and responses) is FUD.  I have asked here many
>> times
>> >>> for
>> >>> input on these issues and have received responses similar to the
>> these.
>> >>> This is sad.  A logical response offering some assistance or possibly
>> >>> asking
>> >>> further questions IS appropriate.  Simply telling someone to "file a
>> >>> bug" is
>> >>> not helpful or appropriate.  Not every user wants to or has time to
>> file
>> >>> bugs.
>> >> 
>> >> Don't take it personally but "not every user wants to file bugs" is
>> >> pretty much equal to "I know it's broken and I don't care". I'm not a
>> >> Banshee dev but please remember that your "precious" time of a user is
>> >> worth much less than the time of developers - simply because there is
>> >> always more users than developers.
>> >> 
>> >> Seriously, if you refuse to spend 5 minutes to report a bug you can't
>> >> demand for someone else to spend hours and fix the bug. At least not
>> >> while keeping a straight face.
>> >> 
>> >> See what I did there? I filed a bug in rhythmbox instead of going to
>> >> their list and telling everyone how rhythmbox is a disaster and fails
>> >> to deliver what it promises. Do the same here :)
>> >> 
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