Re: [Banshee-List] Banshee-by-default in Ubuntu talk - happening now

Well, I don't agree, but fair enough.  We can have differing opinions on this
subject, though I have yet to see a single response that actually speaks to
the three points that I made in my original post.  Three major advertised
functions are broken.  This alone is enough for me to voice my opinion that
Banshee isn't yet ready to be the default player in Ubuntu.

I have never once in 5 years of using different Linux distros ever been told
to file a bug rather than being offering some assistance on a forum or
mailing list.  I have always thought that this was part of the point of
forums and mailing lists.  

You may have filed a bug, which is great if that's how you want to spend
your time, but you haven't yet offered any positive info, only smarmy

Patryk Zawadzki wrote:
> On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 10:10 PM, rickstone <rhadenstone gmail com> wrote:
>> I'm sorry if some people think that the truth (and the request for
>> intelligent input and responses) is FUD.  I have asked here many times
>> for
>> input on these issues and have received responses similar to the these.
>> This is sad.  A logical response offering some assistance or possibly
>> asking
>> further questions IS appropriate.  Simply telling someone to "file a bug"
>> is
>> not helpful or appropriate.  Not every user wants to or has time to file
>> bugs.
> Don't take it personally but "not every user wants to file bugs" is
> pretty much equal to "I know it's broken and I don't care". I'm not a
> Banshee dev but please remember that your "precious" time of a user is
> worth much less than the time of developers - simply because there is
> always more users than developers.
> Seriously, if you refuse to spend 5 minutes to report a bug you can't
> demand for someone else to spend hours and fix the bug. At least not
> while keeping a straight face.
> See what I did there? I filed a bug in rhythmbox instead of going to
> their list and telling everyone how rhythmbox is a disaster and fails
> to deliver what it promises. Do the same here :)
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