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Firstly, i know where you're coming from with that email. But it's not quite the point ;) I store my music on my computer as 256kbps MP3. My computer has plenty of harddrive space so this is OK. I have a 16GB portable device which supports AAC and MP3. I have two choices:

1) Don't put all the music I want on my player
2) Transcode to AAC 96/128kbps and lose a small bit of quality and fit all my music on with room to spare.

For me 1 is not an option because if i wanted that, i'd have bought a 4gb or 8gb player for 1/2 the price. I currently do 2 and use a separate transcoder. This is a pain in the ass. If i could auto-transcode, that'd be awesome. That's why this feature is important. 


On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 8:30 AM, Eef Hartman <E J M Hartman tudelft nl> wrote:
On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 04:26:57PM -0700, fahadayaz wrote:
> would therefore take better advantage of the device if i had the option of
> having the sync use a smaller file size/same quality format.

Conversion from a "lossy" format like MP3 to another lossy format like
OGG Vorbis will _always_ loose quality.
Coming from i.e. flac, yes, that would well be possible, but not from
mp3 and (I believe) wma (that is: without LOSS of quality).

The thing is, the algorithmns work differently so to convert, you first
have to expand to a wav-like stream ("inventing" sounds not stored
in the file) and this stream will then be coded into the "other" format
(OGG Vorbis) without the coder knowing which values are "rubbish", just
created through interpolation during the expansion.
So the coder will throw away "good" values and keep "interpolated" ones,
making the result even less true to the original sound stream then the
mp3 (or whatever) already was.

When coding TO some lossy format, always try to start from a loss-less
format (like especially wav), because then  you won't have cumulative losses.
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