Re: [Banshee-List] Banshee 1.2.1 ignoring embedded cover art

On Mon, Sep 8, 2008 at 2:54 PM, Jon Cosby <jon jcosby com> wrote:
> The covers in the linked image look the same to me. Am I missing something?

The image is slightly different, as the banshee image has some orage
bar on the left of the album.

> Banshee does find the embedded art by my experience. Personally I have the
> cover art fetcher disabled. Also, if changes are made to the metadata (album
> artist or title), you must either remove and import the album again, or
> rename the cover art files in
> ~/.cache/album-art (albumartist-albumtitle).

This was very useful information.  I cleared out all my cache and
disabled the album art fetching plugin since all of my tags have
embedded artwork.

I noticed a couple issues:

1.) Even though you disabled the "Cover Art Fetching" plugin, album
art is still retrieved online.  I've verified this with packet
captures of dns queries and http get requests.

a.) If the mp3 has no embedded images in it's tag, Banshee first
checks, then, and finally

b.) If the mp3 has embedded images, Banshee again checks,
then, and finally extracts the artwork.  In some
cases, the images are also downloaded from

2.) Embedded album is extracted from the tag once you play the album
or track.  This image is stored as
~/.cache/album-art/artist-album.cover, but this is not used.  I
verified this by disabling internet access and playing the album.  It
extracted the ".cover" file, but did not display the image in Banshee.
 I copied the image and named it using the album-artist.jpg naming
convention, and it immediately displayed correctly.  Apparently
Banshee ONLY uses files with .jpg as cover art.  .cover files seem to
be ignored.

3.) Earlier in my thread, I mentioned that Various Artist albums that
I had to manually group by modifiying the album artist metadata would
not display any album art.  It turns out that the embedded artwork is
extracted as "variousartists-album.cover", but since there's never a
match on any of the above mentioned music services, it never downloads
a .jpg version of the file.  Again... manually copying and renaming
the file as "variousartists-album.jpg" immediately resolves the issue.

Hope this helps others.  I really think this needs to be addressed as a bug.

Gilbert Mendoza
PGP: 0x075DBCA9
Email: gmendoza at

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