Re: [Banshee-List] Banshee 1.2.1 ignoring embedded cover art

Trust me, they are different.  The cover art that Banshee downloaded has an
extra strip of color down the left side.

There are several more examples, such as bootleg recordings that I own which
don't have covers, for which I have embedded a "No Cover Available" image,
that Banshee just doesn't have artwork for.

I'll check out that bug report and see if there is anything that I can

Jon Cosby wrote:
> MercuryShadow wrote:
>> Here is a screenshot of two applications.  On the left is Mp3tag,
>> installed
>> under Wine, which is showing the actual embedded artwork for the track. 
>> On
>> the right is Banshee.  I've imported a single album to the library, and
>> Banshee has needlessly downloaded album art instead of using the embedded
>> art.
>> There is a clear difference, here.  Amarok works just fine using the
>> embedded artwork.  In fact, every application that I've used can see the
>> embedded artwork.... except Banshee.
> The covers in the linked image look the same to me. Am I missing 
> something? Banshee does find the embedded art by my experience. 
> Personally I have the cover art fetcher disabled. Also, if changes are 
> made to the metadata (album artist or title), you must either remove and 
> import the album again, or rename the cover art files in
> ~/.cache/album-art (albumartist-albumtitle).
> jon
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