Re: Threading of messages

On 2017.02.24 10:55, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
Afaict, I see the effect with MBox and Maildir. IIRC, in particular with Maildir, I also sometimes see a broken sorting, e.g. when I move an older message from one mailbox to an other one. The moved message is appended to the very end of the list, but not inserted according to its date (having sort-by-date activated).

I think this is the issue - a new item is appended to the list, until you do something to explicitly resort (clicking a heading or hitting Alt-V-J for JWZ threading) when it it moved to its appropriate place in the list. I also see this witl mbox and maildir, the only types I currently use. Opening a new folder also displays unsorted until you do any explicit sort. I suppose caching the order would be even better, but at least sorting on opening a mailbox and not requiring explicit user action is what I would want.


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