Feedback on latest git head: was: Threading of messages

[Note this has been sitting in my outbox for several days, because it turns out I had NOT yet tested sending. Once I get this actually sent, I'll hopefully be able to summarize what the problem was and how I fixed it. Fingers crossed.]

On 2017.02.22 15:32, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
In 2013, one of the develors said: "At one time Balsa would rethread on every mailbox change, and it was intrusive, so it was decided to defer it; evidently, it's now deferred too long! One issue is that it's difficult to rethread in a sub-thread because of the display interactions. We need to revisit that."

I think it simply hasn't been revisited yet. Not sure how to push it higher on the list, unless one of the developers happens to be interested.
Well, I guess replacing libesmtp is more important right now -- that concerns core functionality, the sorting is a minor issue in this light.

Well, the libesmtp replacement is in for testing... I'm not sure if it's really complete, but at least I got no complaints yet. It will be *really* helpful if you check the latest git code and give feedback, about both the smtp functionality and the changed config gui.
I've been running a newly compiled version from git head for several hours, with no problems I can see. I only send to three smtp servers (yahoo, frontier, and gmail) so I don't do anything fancy. I also use popfile as my spam filter, so I'm not sure if the pipelining stuff is something I can test or not. As it is, I can't check the SSL box, I have to include :ssl as part of the username, since the server is always localhost.

And I fully agree with you that the broken sorting/threading is really annoying, and should be fixed! Such an important issue being postponed for 3 or 4 years is not acceptable.

I'm sure patches would be welcome, but it's a bit beyond my abilities.
Beyond mine, too, I'm afraid. Getting new versions and complaining (i.e. writing bug reports) is what I could do. :-)

For me too. I didn't write the code, and I don't know who actually added (or disabled) it. Maybe Peter knows more? Peter, are you listening?



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