Re: Threading of messages

Hi Peter:

Am 23.02.17 15:00 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
Listening :-)


It's been a long time since I looked at that code, and I need to get familiar with it again. As I recall, sorting and 
threading are implemented uniformly for all types of "local" mailboxes (i.e., not POP or IMAP), but caching 
the structure between sessions may be implemented differently for Mbox, MH, and Maildir. It would help to know if the 
issue is seen in all types or in only one type.

Afaict, I see the effect with MBox and Maildir.  IIRC, in particular with Maildir, I also sometimes see a 
broken sorting, e.g. when I move an older message from one mailbox to an other one.  The moved message is 
appended to the very end of the list, but not inserted according to its date (having sort-by-date activated).


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