Re: Threading of messages

Hi All:

On 02/22/2017 03:32:27 PM Wed, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
Hi Jack & Andreas:

Am 15.02.17 17:26 schrieb(en) Andreas Schmidt:
In 2013, one of the develors said:  "At one time Balsa would rethread on every mailbox change, and it was 
intrusive, so it was decided to defer it; evidently, it's now deferred too long!  One issue is that it's difficult to 
rethread in a sub-thread because of the display interactions.  We need to revisit that."

I think it simply hasn't been revisited yet.  Not sure how to push it higher on the list, unless one of the 
developers happens to be interested.
Well, I guess replacing libesmtp is more important right now -- that concerns core functionality, the sorting 
is a minor issue in this light.

Well, the libesmtp replacement is in for testing...  I'm not sure if it's really complete, but at least I got 
no complaints yet.  It will be *really* helpful if you check the latest git code and give feedback, about 
both the smtp functionality and the changed config gui.

And I fully agree with you that the broken sorting/threading is really annoying, and should be fixed!  Such 
an important issue being postponed for 3 or 4 years is not acceptable.

I'm sure patches would be welcome, but it's a bit beyond my abilities.
Beyond mine, too, I'm afraid. Getting new versions and complaining (i.e. writing bug reports) is what I could 
do. :-)

For me too.  I didn't write the code, and I don't know who actually added (or disabled) it.  Maybe Peter 
knows more?  Peter, are you listening?

Listening :-)

It's been a long time since I looked at that code, and I need to get familiar with it again. As I recall, sorting and 
threading are implemented uniformly for all types of "local" mailboxes (i.e., not POP or IMAP), but caching 
the structure between sessions may be implemented differently for Mbox, MH, and Maildir. It would help to know if the 
issue is seen in all types or in only one type.



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