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Hi Andreas:

Am 24.02.17 11:53 schrieb(en) Andreas Schmidt:
I will try out the new version this weekend. Alas, I usually do not use the SMTP part of balsa for real: all 
outgoing mails are passed on to postfix on localhost, which then relays the mail via the appropriate 
provider's mail server.

O.k., I see, a /very/ typical config.  So you probably use 'localhost:25' as server, without encryption and 

Apart from this: Is there a way to connect a specific identity and a specific SMTP server (i.e. connect to 
SMTP server A for mails from identity X and to SMTP server B for mails from identity Y)? If so, I would 
bypass postfix for a while in order to try it out.

Sure!  In the preferences, you can configure multiple outgoing mail servers, and link them to identities in 
the identities dialogue.  Pretty much like postfix' sender_dependent_relayhost_maps config...


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