smtp perplexities

So I tried to send my previous reply, and it didn't work. With each security setting, I got a different error:

SMTP over SSL: Connecting MTA frontier ( failed: Error performing TLS handshake. An un expected TLS packet was received.

Require TLS: Connecting MTA frontier ( failed: remote server does not support STARTTLS.

Optional TLS: Connecting MTA frontier ( failed: no suitable authentication mechanism.

(by the way, in case anyone cares - email is actually handled by yahoo, but I don't know which of them actually handles the smtp/pop3/imap/ servers.)

I then started googling, and found a message I sent to this list in 2011, suggesting using port 587 instead of 465. At that point, I noticed the ":smtp" in the outgoing server (but not in the server for my other two mail hosts) and just removed it. Now it seems to work.

However, that 2011 message was actually about debugging smtp. Pawel's suggestion then was Preferences/Miscellaneous/Debug, but I have that set, and still see no SMTP related output to the console. My next step would have been to dig out Wireshark.

Anyway, smtp seems to work for me, once I fixed some errors - but I have no idea how long that ":smt" was present, and whether the recent changes are what made it stop working.


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