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Hi, Albrecht,

On 02/22/2017 09:32:27 PM, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
Well, the libesmtp replacement is in for testing... I'm not sure if it's really complete, but at least I got no complaints yet. It will be *really* helpful if you check the latest git code and give feedback, about both the smtp functionality and the changed config gui.
I will try out the new version this weekend. Alas, I usually do not use the SMTP part of balsa for real: all outgoing mails are passed on to postfix on localhost, which then relays the mail via the appropriate provider's mail server. That way, I could also use mutt in those cases where it would take too long to wait until balsa has fired up (indexing lots of mboxes with, sometimes thousands of mails takes quite a while) without having to configure the same functionality in different MUAs.

Apart from this: Is there a way to connect a specific identity and a specific SMTP server (i.e. connect to SMTP server A for mails from identity X and to SMTP server B for mails from identity Y)? If so, I would bypass postfix for a while in order to try it out.

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