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Le 28.05.2005 22:56:43, Peter Bloomfield a écrit :
On 05/27/2005 06:29:54 PM, Willem Riede wrote:
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I have on occasion wondered (but never investigated) how much work it would be to have the mail checking (and fetching?) be done by a separate thread, so that the GUI would never have to "freeze"...

Oh, it *is* done in a subthread--but the subthread may need to lock the mailbox while it updates it, or likewise lock the display, so it can still interfere with the UI.

Possibly Balsa is too conservative in these locks. On the whole, I guess, we err toward the conservative--some scrutiny of these practices would be great!

Well Peter before you do anything about it I am in the process of writing some sort of task manager for Balsa: it would show all tasks running in a small list with the ability to cancel them (think of making the mistake to download a HUGE part via IMAP, well it happens to me, and you want to cancel it), show a nice progress bar (as it is now, just more homogeneous). It is horribly buggy now, its only achievment being to be able to crash my balsa anytime ;-) I am really busy those days, so it will be kind of slow in the coming. Let me know what your plans are.

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