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Peter Bloomfield a scris:

On 05/21/2005 07:08:06 AM, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
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IMAP mailboxes are a bit more of a problem.  IMAP servers have a
mechanism for detecting changes, but the overhead (a STATUS request) is essentially the same as checking the mailbox, so your best solution is probably to check "Check IMAP mailboxes" and uncheck "Check INBOX only".

That wasn't the most helpful response, was it? The save/restore stuff can be changed to avoid saving counts for IMAP mailboxes. Then it's the user's choice: check only INBOX, and have blanks for unopened mailboxes, or check all mailboxes and live with the overhead.


Actually the solution seems to be "good enough". When unchecking "Check INBOX only" with "Check IMAP mailboxes" checked I can easily distinguish between cached statistics and real statistics because the "not opened" subfolders have no value in the "T" field (total number of mails in that subfolder). However, there are now some moments in which Balsa's interface "freezes" for some seconds. I think it happens when it checks all the subscribed subfolders (I have ~30 of them).

Thanks for the tip,


Oddly enough, when I answer to your mail in Balsa, the compose window is empty, I had to copy and paste your reply in the compose window and indent it manually (arrghhh).

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