Re: 'Delete' v. 'Move to trash'

On 06/01/05 09:15:49, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
The issue is that Delete is added as an alternate key-binding for `toggle deleted' (using gtk_widget_add_accelerator), and that seems to remove it from the pool of keys that are available for reassignment. Ctrl+= is added as an alternate to Ctrl++ for `zoom in' in the same way. Gtk appears not to support multiple key-bindings in a way that is consistent with reassignment.

Perhaps Balsa should not grab keys in that way. D = `move to trash' and Ctrl+D = `toggle deleted' are Balsa's long established bindings. We could remove Delete as an alternate, and let each user assign it by choice.


Peter, I think you know how I feel on the matter. :)


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