Re: Super Nested Threads

On 2004.11.23 01:29, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
On 11/22/2004 07:00:36 AM, Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
[ snip ]
> What some clients and web forums do is that after the first
> level of indenting, a message doesn't indent if it has only
> one reply.
> > Like > > 1 message
>   2   reply to 1
>   3     reply to 2
>   4       reply to 3
>   5       reply to 4
>   6     reply to 2
>   7       reply to 6
>   8       reply to 7
>   9     reply to 2
> > Mike.

Hi Mike!

Thanks for pointing that out--I have a version working, and it controls thread-explosion pretty well[1]. I'm attaching a patch for anyone who'd like to try it.

We'd want to leave JWZ threading as is, for the purists (well, it isn't really JWZ's proposal, but it's close), so I guess we'd need to add a threading option--perhaps "JWZ (flatter)"?

Well the thread sorting method is still JWZ, only the way you
display it is a bit more "optimized", right ? (I haven't tried
it yet btw, will do so later)

While we're on the topic--how about "JWZ (references only)" for a version that leaves out the lunatic "gathering by subject"? I'm for ever losing messages with subjects like "Re: Today's meeting" because they get threaded under decades-old messages with the parent subject!!!

<AOL> me too! </AOL>


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