Re: new Subject or Sender filter

On 11/23/2004 03:26:06 PM, Randy Kayfish wrote:
Will Balsa ever have it's own internal address book?

I hope not.

What is everyone else using?

I'm using standard VCARD
I was able to take my address book from evolution (which also uses vcard) and have Balsa just start using it - that was great. I did rename it to AddressBook.vcf and put it in ~ instead of burried within evolution.


Why I hope Balsa doesn't do it's own - I personally like modularization where apps are different but integrate with each other through, and can be replaced. One persons address book needs are different from the next, etc. and if balsa tried to meet everyones address book needs, I could see it becoming bloated, and hard to maintain. Better to let people choose an address book they like.

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