Re: balsa-2.2.2 released - some issues . .

On 08/11/04 16:42:43, Wesley Haines wrote:
The missing subjects may come from messages which actually have no subject set - 2.0 replaced it by "(no subject)", 2.2 leaves them blank. Might be a good idea to re-introduce it?

The "(no subject)" results from the fact that Balsa no longer recognizes "From ..." in the first line of the message. I've attached a short Perl script to correct the problem.

Ah ha! Thats why that was happening... I documented several messages showing up as (no subject) on this page:
...but nobody replied to it.

Thanks for the script!

P.S... developers... #4 (on that URL above) still occurs, but I guess it's more of an enhancement/low-priority bug as it doesn't adversely affect anything.

I remember when you posted that message... I had earlier posted about the same problems, and figured my repeated input would be unnecessary. As it's been a while and the problem hasn't been solved yet, I figure a repeat is in order.

I'm sorry but your script does not fix the 'marked unread' read messages problem on my machine. Some messages just show up as unread, while the majority of these have a blank From: and subject line. Indeed looking at the source for these messages the From: line is not the first line of the message. However, the headers
Status: O
are the first ones in some, but not all of these messages, as Wesley pointed out.


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