filter config head vs 2-0 incompatability

Hi all,

this will obviously not be the biggest issue for you devs, but I have noticed that balsa-head doesn't read the 2-0 filter configuration section properly- filter patterns were 'skewed', ie if I had three filter entries:

1. balsa
 From/to/cc: balsa-list
   move to LISTS/balsa-list
2. bugtraq
 From/to/cc: bugtraq
   move to LISTS/bugtraq
3. openbox
 From/to/cc: openbox
   move to LISTS/openbox

mail to the balsa list would end up in the bugtraq folder upon checking mail with balsa-head! Indeed, opening the filter configuration dialog and accessing the bugtraq entry, the pattern would say 'balsa-list' instead of 'bugtraq'. All filters were similarily skewed. Opening balsa-2-0 again the filters were all still set up correctly. I fixed the problem by creating a separate config file for balsa-2-1 and rewriting the filters.

Now, to launch balsa-2-1 need to
cp ~/.gnome2/balsa ~/.gnome2/balsa-2-0 &&
cp ~/.gnome2/balsa-2-1 ~/.gnome2/balsa &&
balsa-2-1 &&
cp ~/.gnome2/balsa ~/.gnome2/balsa-2-1 &&
cp ~/.gnome2/balsa-2-0 ~/.gnome2/balsa &&

Now, the question is: since very few are likely interested in full configuration backwards-compatability, is it possible to include a commandline option or compile-time option so balsa-head reads&writes a different config file than balsa-2-0? Or maybe I've missed something and such an option already exists?

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