Re: Icon list replaced by treeview and message/rfc822 attachments

On 06/04/2003, Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
> On 2003.06.04 04:32, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> > Just committed to cvs:
> > - use the message font for the source viewer;
> > - add a View menu with the option to turn off escaping of the text.
> Wow, excellent.
> Minor nit: it doesn't compile:
[ snip ]
> I added #include "misc.h" to source-viewer.c and it compiled.

Thanks!  Committed, with a fix to close the source viewer if the 
message is deleted or the mailbox is closed, instead of segving when 
the new option is toggled ;-(

> Also, in libbalsa/rfc3156.c this doesn't look right to me:
> #  include <pthread.h>
> #  include "misc.h"
> #endif
> Why only include misc.h when using threads?

Most likely because it provides a declaration that's also needed only 
when using threads--I can't be precise, I'm not familiar with that code.

> Esp. when misc.h has the same #ifdef BALSA_USE_THREADS include 
> <pthread.h> stuff.

Ahh--you mean we could just include "misc.h"?  Include file nesting is 
a different can of worms...the compile problem you were having didn't 
show up for me because (I believe) I'm using gpgme--figure that one out!


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