Re: Solved: lost mailbox lock, feature request

On 2003.06.04 10:31:04 +0100 urgrue wrote:
> ok i believe this is solved.
> the problem was, i think, that i have another computer that logs into the 
> same imap account, and its sometimes left open and unattended. when one was 
> logged in and the other logs in, the first is dropped.
> eudora simply doesnt seem to complain about it, and just re-opens the 
> connection. balsa complains.

That's a feature ;)

> incidentally, wouldnt it be smarter behaviour, that all the "tags" (marked 
> deleted, read, moved, etc) should be remembered by balsa until they are 
> committed to the imap folders? then if the connection is lost/dropped,
> nothing would be lost, and the connection could simply be re-opened where 
> the user left off.

This one is 2 fold:
a) it should even be needed as you have the auto-commit feature. *however*
as far as i can tell from bug reports some imap servers go to great lenghts
to only commit changes when the user logs out. that means even if you commit
your changes to the server via the normal imap methods and your connection
fails the server silently reverts your changes
b) yes, it would be very neat to have reconnect as it would enable usefull
stuff like real offline browsing. however, merging changes back into the
imap server is Hard. 
> this might particularly be annoying to someone who has an unreliable line 
> and handles lots of emails (like me when im connected via mobile phone and 
> laptop!)

what imap server are you using ?


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