Icon list replaced by treeview and message/rfc822 attachments

In current CVS, the icon list of attachments has now been replaced by
a treeview which is very nice.

However I'm not able to look at a complete message/rfc822 attachment. I can
look at the individual components, but not at the header information.

Wouldn't it be a good idea to, if you're in the tree under a message/rfc822
attachment, show the headers of that attachment in the message window
instead of the headers of the outermost e-mail ?

On a related note, I can ofcourse use message -> view source, but that
brings up a window with a proportional font (not very nice for "view source")
and with tabs replaced with "\t". Perhaps that can be fixed as well ?

... somehow I have a feeling the hurting hasn't even begun yet
	-- Bill, "The Terrible Thunderlizards"

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