Re: Icon list replaced by treeview and message/rfc822 attachments

On 06/03/2003, Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
> On 2003.06.03 16:28, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> > On 06/03/2003, Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
> > [ useful suggestion snipped ]
> > > On a related note, I can ofcourse use message -> view source, but
> > > that brings up a window with a proportional font (not very nice
> for
> > > "view source")
> >
> > Perhaps balsa_app.message_font would be better?  Of course, that
> might
> > be proportional too...
> But in that case it is at least configurable. Anyways, I have my
> message_font fixed, as $DEITY intended it to be ;)
> > > and with tabs replaced with "\t". Perhaps that can be fixed as
> well ?
> >
> > In "view source", it might be important to distinguish a tab from a
> > string of spaces.  As you note, it's supposed to be informative, not
> > pretty!
> Sure but it makes cut&paste pretty useless.
> I have no idea what kind of dialog is used to show the source of the
> message, perhaps there could be a View -> [v] Escape control
> characters
> tick in the menu bar. My personal preference would to not escape
> anything at all.

Just committed to cvs:
- use the message font for the source viewer;
- add a View menu with the option to turn off escaping of the text.

The default is to escape: special characters are escaped as \t, \r, 
etc. (\n and \" are the only special characters not escaped), and non-
ASCII characters are octal-coded (\192, etc.).

With escaping disabled, invalid UTF-8 text sent by a broken MUA is a 
problem, so any non-UTF-8 characters are replaced by `?' (to avoid 
whining from Gtk stuff). If you see these, turn escaping back on to see 
the octal codes for what was actually sent.


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