Re: Getting Balsa into Gnome 2.6?

On Mon, 01 Dec 2003 17:52:18, Gerardo Ballabio wrote:

> I mean "too late for being accepted as an official Gnome module".

Actually, Balsa is the original GNOME mail agent. Balsa started somewhere  
between gnome 0.3 and pre-1.0 but then development stoped for a while.

> There's going to be only one app for each task as I understand, which
> means that if Evo goes in, Balsa is out.

I don't see that as a problem, Balsa is a MUA while Evo is a uhhh, PIM :)

> Of course if you don't _want_ Balsa to be a Gnome module, this closes
> the issue.

So far balsa releases have been mismatched (read - late :)) with GNOME  
releases and that's been the major problem. But as you can see balsa is in and there is a - balsa is a gnome project. Iirc  
balsa was almost in fifth toe 1.4 but we weren't quite happy about the  
release available at the launch date so it didn't go in.
Maybe it's time to start looking into this again!

Carlos Morgado - chbm(a) - 
0x1FC57F0A FP:0A27 35D3 C448 3641 0573 6876 2A37 4BB2 1FC5 7F0A

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