Re: Getting Balsa into Gnome 2.6?

Am 01.12.2003 11:06 schrieb(en) Gerardo Ballabio:
> Hi all Balsa people,
> I've just read that Evolution has been proposed for inclusion into  
> the
> Gnome 2.5 Modules List, (to  
> go
> into Gnome 2.6).
> I believe that Balsa is a better Gnome email client than Evolution:
> smaller and more integrated, sort of Epiphany vs. Galeon. I don't  
> need
> calendaring and weather forecasts to read my email! (Plus also like
> Balsa more on aesthetic grounds, but maybe it's just me.)

Funny, you wrote that mail with evo. ;)

Fact is that they proposed the new evolution-2.0 package, which  
includes some major changes for "gnomification", and really sounds  
promising. And I don't have any doubts it will be accepted.

> Therefore, I suggest that you also propose Balsa for inclusion.  
> Balsa,
> not Evolution, should be "THE Gnome email client". If Evolution goes
> in,
> then it'll be too late!

Why "too late"? noone forces you to use epiphany right now. I'm still  
using galeon, which I like much more than epiphany, and you'll also be  
able to continue using balsa for mailing if you want.

My personal opinion is that balsa still isn't ready for gnome- 
integration, and I'm not even sure if it's the way the developers want  
it to go.


Darko Obradovic

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