Re: Prop: make URL's clickable

Am 09.05.2001 01:07:35 schrieb(en) Matthew Walton:
> IMO, there's no real need for the underline if the mouse pointer changes
> shape and we've got colour indication. Still, however it's implemented it's
> a really useful feature.

O.k., attached is a patch against today's cvs (which contains the first
version of the url patch) which gives us the pointer change but no
underline... as I said before, the latter one is a feature of the zvt_term
widget, but this one has some other problems and would be a real hassle for
just displaying a text. The patch also fixes all the problems related to
clicks behind the line end as it now works with real mouse coordinates
(pixels) instead of the gtk_editable cursor. It uses some "internal knowledge"
about how GtkText displays a text (see the source for details ;-)), but as
this widget has been stable for quite a long time, I do not see a big risk at
that point.

Again, any comment is really welcome!

Hope you like the patch,

	Yours, Albrecht.

    Albrecht Dreß  -  Monschauer Straße 22  -  D-53121 Bonn (Germany)
      Phone (+49) 228 6199571  -  E-Mail


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