Re: Prop: make URL's clickable

On 2001.05.08 21:54 Ali Akcaagac wrote:
> On 2001.05.08 23:35:58 +0200 Albrecht Dre wrote:
> > Am 08.05.2001 22:27:29 schrieb(en) Ali Akcaagac:
> > > a) mouse shape should change to the 'finger/hand' shape
> > > b) underline of the url after mouse points over it and
> > >    un-underline after its off again. to see what i was
> > >    talking off. paste an url into GNOME-TERMINAL with
> > >    http:// etc...
> well i mentioned this only, because every mailer and
> also old netscape, new galeon, mozilla etc behaves so.
> after the mouse turns over an url/mail/whatever it makes
> it underline and then it changes the shape of the mouse.
> it gives it a more PLASTIC feeling.. but as long i like
> the feature so far.. a really good implemention.

IMO, there's no real need for the underline if the mouse pointer changes
shape and we've got colour indication. Still, however it's implemented it's
a really useful feature.

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