Re: Shared call-for-participants & Proposal

Is there any reason that the conference needs to be the weekend of
November 20th?  Pushing back the date, even to sometime early next
year might be better.  It will be easier to find good sponsors (and
get everything else done also) if we have more time to plan the event
properly without rushing too much.

Perhaps GNOME.Asia will be a bi-annual event instead of a yearly
event.  :)  Really, I don't think that would be a problem.  It's better
to do things right than to rush too much.


Mario Behling wrote:
Tony, will let us know within this week about the venue at Software
City. We have to wait until he has confirmation. Then we know about
the details.



On Fri, Sep 18, 2009 at 10:14 AM, Kevin Miller, Jr.
<kevin miller saigonlinux com> wrote:
We do not know, we do not have a venue yet.
RMIT Vietnam confirmed that they did not have the space to hold this
conference in November.  They recommend the week for Tet, the Vietnamese New
Year, since many of the students will no longer be in class.

Tony is talking with the Quang Trung Software City.  I have no contacted the
two universities until QTSC gives a response.

I am still trying to get into contact with the University of Technology
which held the Google DevFest last year.  They are working on another event
with e27 from Singapore now for October.

We are doing the best we can here.


Emily Chen wrote:
Hi all,

I have updated the latest call-for-participants document based on Pockey's
suggestion, I also merged the draft from Shane.

I have made below changes:
1. This is not only call for talks, but call for lightning talks,
exhibitions and hands-on lab
2. Explain who is our target audience
3. Add GNOME 3.0, School software to topic areas
4. Still waiting for the Theme to be decided

Click here to view the latest call-for-participants:

BTW, I need to hear the opinion from Vietnam local team, especially on the
exhibition and hands-on lab. Do you have such areas in the venue?


2009/9/15 Pockey Lam <pockey beijinglug org
<mailto:pockey beijinglug org>>

   Dear Emily,

   A few suggestions on the call for participants:

   maybe we should mention potential audiences so they have an idea
   of who
   they will speak to?

   2) ask them to spread their words to other potential speakers in
   any of
   their local communities, even though they may not be the right
   they can help to look around, maybe we miss some communities in
   Asia, so
   the local can help us


   On Mon, 2009-09-14 at 23:55 +0800, Emily Chen wrote:
   > Hi all,
   > I create those two docs and shared them in Google Doc, so
   everyone can
   > edit them now.
   > Call for participants (2008 version, Mario will update it with
   > 2009 content):

   > Proposal :

   > I suggest differnt people add comments using different color. How
   > about it ?
   > -Emily
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