Re: [] Input needed: FOSS.IN/2009 Dates

On Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 9:34 PM, Sayamindu Dasgupta <sayamindu gmail com> wrote:

> One of my concerns is that most educational institutions in India have
> their exams during early December/late November. If we are planning on
> targeting students from engineering colleges, etc early December/late
> November seems to be a bad choice. and, on the list
the IIT-Madras folks have also expressed some concerns about the
December week.

However, given that it is not possible to embed the event within
FOSS.IN, I'd say that finalizing on Dec first week should give us
enough audience to begin with.

> On the other hand, being close to is also important, since it
> would make things easier for people to plan and arrange their travel.

Last I checked they haven't nailed the dates down. Let me continue
talking with folks with Dec first week in mind and the document Emily
has so kindly mailed to me.

> I guess it all boils down to who we are planning on targeting for GNOME Asia. :)

I am *so* tempted to give the thwack to you for bringing this up :) In
short, companies and start-ups doing GNOME-y things, developers
including GSoC-ers doing GNOME stuff, ISVs planning to consume GNOME
internals, professionally employed developers (read that as folks from
RHT, NOVL, SUN, Nokia), educators and faculty members, GTP folks who
make GNOME available in a large swathe of Indian languages, OEMs (even
for netbook folks)

Does that sound ambitious enough ?


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