Re: Possible Candidate host for next summit 2010 - Taiwan? How do you think ?

On Dec 28, 2009, at 6:01 PM, Emily Chen wrote:
> Got it, thanks. I have made some modification based on yours: 
> 1. Delete "You can speak with XXX, our committee representative, by emailing XXX'' since we have several core members, and each of them can be the committee representative when contact with potential organizer. For people who are interested in, just send email to asia-summit-list [at]


> 2. Move "Sincerely, GNOME.Asia Summit committee " to the last lines.

Sounds good.

> 3. I suggest to add this paragraph since it is a good content to motivate people. 
> "GNOME.Asia is much like a few trees just planted and we want to grow a forest in Asia. We are looking for local organizers in any Asian country with the desire to take on and succeed in the challenges of organizing an excellent GNOME event. We know that you will need all the time you can get to prepare a proposal but we hope we have inspired you to get started." 
> Now, see the final version online. How do you think ? 

I think it works!


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