Re: [xslt] In memory stylesheet & external entities

Rush Manbert wrote:
> david reid wrote:
> <snip>
>> I've looked at the threads and it does seem as though we have similar
>> aims, but the include files I want are all on the filesystem, I just
>> need to adjust the paths :-)
>> I've added the function but when it's called dict and ctxt are NULL. How
>> do I set my own data pointer to be passed into the function? Are there
>> any good examples of it's usage available?
>> Sorry to be a pain and thanks for your help thus far!
> Hi David,
> Here's a stupid suggestion (but one that I use in  my code ;-).
> Can you set it up so that your external entity loader knows the paths, 
> independent of the context? My external entity loader is a class method 
> and when I construct the class I give it a big list of paths to search. 
> Works like a charm.

I could do, but having gone to all the trouble of having separate
structures that encapsulate their own knowledge and configuration having
what is essentially a global list seems a bit of a kludge. Of course if
there is no other way then I'll have to end up doing that I guess.

Given how easy libxslt has been to use so far I'm finding it amazing
that this is so hard :-(


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