Re: [xslt] In memory stylesheet & external entities

On Thu, Nov 09, 2006 at 12:03:55AM +0000, david reid wrote:
> I'm wondering if this is possible as so far everything I've tried seems
> to have failed :-(
> Essentially I have a stylesheet in memory that contains external
> references (via xslo:include) that need to have paths prefixed before
> they can be loaded.
> I have added a function to do the external entity loading and set it as
> default. This is being called OK. The problem I'm facing is that the
> paths to be checked are contained within a structure whos pointer I need
> to pass in (using the _private pointer of the ctxt I think).
> I can create an xsltTransformCtxtPtr and set the _private pointer to the
> structures address, but by that point it's too late as I need to have
> parsed the stylesheet to create the context - or at least I couldn't
> find another way of doing it!
> Is it possible to do what I want? Hopefully the above explanation is
> clear enough and there is a solution.

  I'm pretty sure this was done in the past or at least discussed
(for example when using libxslt for Webkit).
I suggest to search thoroughtly the archives of the list in the last 2
years. Then try to be more explicit in what calls you are using and what
is missing.


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