[xslt] In memory stylesheet & external entities

I'm wondering if this is possible as so far everything I've tried seems
to have failed :-(

Essentially I have a stylesheet in memory that contains external
references (via xslo:include) that need to have paths prefixed before
they can be loaded.

I have added a function to do the external entity loading and set it as
default. This is being called OK. The problem I'm facing is that the
paths to be checked are contained within a structure whos pointer I need
to pass in (using the _private pointer of the ctxt I think).

I can create an xsltTransformCtxtPtr and set the _private pointer to the
structures address, but by that point it's too late as I need to have
parsed the stylesheet to create the context - or at least I couldn't
find another way of doing it!

Is it possible to do what I want? Hopefully the above explanation is
clear enough and there is a solution.



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