Re: [xml] Availability of libxm2-2.9.0 release candidate 1

Daniel Veillard wrote:
   Following the first rc0 snapshot from last week and after much cleanup
and testing, the first release candidate for the next libxml2 release is
available at the usual place:
   So please give it a try :-), thanks !


- "Various "make distcheck" and portability fixups" adds regression . Please see .

- wish-list "unify use of redefined {v}snprintf" , summary could be found here

- may be libxml2.syms should list new symbols as is documented :
diff --git a/doc/symbols.xml b/doc/symbols.xml
index 1695bb3..ee16185 100644
--- a/doc/symbols.xml
+++ b/doc/symbols.xml
@@ -1746,4 +1746,15 @@
     <symbol file="tree">xmlBufferDetach</symbol>
     <symbol file="dict">xmlInitializeDict</symbol>
+  <release version="2.9.0">
+    <symbol file="tree">xmlBufContent</symbol>
+    <symbol file="tree">xmlBufEnd</symbol>
+    <symbol file="tree">xmlBufGetNodeContent</symbol>
+    <symbol file="tree">xmlBufNodeDump</symbol>
+    <symbol file="tree">xmlBufUse</symbol>
+    <symbol file="dict">xmlDictGetUsage</symbol>
+    <symbol file="dict">xmlDictSetLimit</symbol>
+    <symbol file="xmlIO">xmlOutputBufferGetContent</symbol>
+    <symbol file="xmlIO">xmlOutputBufferGetSize</symbol>
+  </release>


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