Re: [xml] I/O problem with PHP

Daniel Veillard wrote:
On Wed, Oct 01, 2008 at 11:55:55AM +0200, dnorrell gmx net wrote:
Ok, thanks. I suppose my question was really about under which circumstances the 'read' callback might not be 
called when the I/O handler has returned a context from 'open'? That's what I'm struggling to understand.

  I don't see why this could happen since all the processing is derived
from the data. the only thing i could think about would be a mismatch
between the way the entity loader is plugged and for example the catalog
lookup, but really that would be really bizarre.


I had sent a follow up off list, but just to quickly explain the PHP binding... For security reasons I implement custom xmlParserInputBufferCreateFilename and xmlOutputBufferCreateFilename handlers, which are set on request initialization and reset on request termination, as not to cause problems with other languages, Apache mods, or other web server plugins. I assume a PHP extension is being written here. All the xml I/O is handled via PHP streams, so there is absolutely no need to touch, nor will it work, trying to manipulate the libxml I/O handlers. If it is not a PHP extension and the request/call not being made within the context of PHP then there would be no change to the handlers and PHP would not play a part in this.


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